Restaurants & Bars
Restaurants & Bars
There are tons of great places to eat in Hanoi, ranging in price from less than a $1 (street stalls and pho) to over $20 (The Press Club) for a meal.  For those not wanting to cook, eating in Hanoi can be easy and cheap. Below are some of the places. By the way, Vietnamese for 'dog meat' is 'thit cho', so you know what to avoid.

Vietnamese Restaurants have the most beautiful and romantic setting in all of Hanoi. You can feel the adventure as you climb up the curved wooden staircase at the Emperor Restaurant that takes you into the elegant, high-ceiling Hue-temple-style dining room. You can also listen to the resident jazz band that plays here. Among the beautifully presented dishes are seafood and Hue specialties, including delectable Hue spring rolls and banana-leaf-wrapped fish. The other famous Vietnamese Restaurants in Hanoi is the Nam Phuong which is an elegant French-style villa. This restaurant offers traditional Vietnamese food prepared by expert chefs.
You will find vehement use of vegetables like potatoes, green beans, carrots, turnips, courgette (also known as zucchini), mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and truffles in Western dishes.
Asian Restaurants in Hanoi is quite famous in this region. Right in the thick of the Old Quarter is Hanoi's most famous purveyor of cha ca -- grilled boneless fish cubes marinated in dill and served with rice noodles and peanuts. Here, you have the golden opportunity to cook cha ca at your table on a brazier. This is favorite eat out of the tourists who pack the upstairs restaurant. Fewer people sit downstairs.
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